Film Journey was founded in 2003 by Doug Cummings to review repertory, indie, and world cinema screenings in Los Angeles and abroad. In 2010, Film Comment named it a “Top Film Criticism Site.”

Doug also co-founded Robert-Bresson.com and Masters of Cinema, now a premium DVD/Blu-ray label in the UK. His writing has appeared in DVD liner notes, festival catalogs, books, magazines, and the LA Weekly (see More Publications).

In 2009, he co-founded the successful grassroots movement Save Film at LACMA. He occasionally moderates film events in Los Angeles and led series of film screenings and discussions at the University of Southern California and Echo Park Film Center. He has worked as a web editor for UCLA Film & Television Archive, and a programmer/editor for the American Film Institute.

In 2017, Doug earned his M.A. in Cinema & Media Studies with a Graduate Certificate in Digital Media from the University of Southern California (USC).  He is currently in the Ph.D. program in Cinema & Media Studies at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Katie and daughter Alexandra.



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